Monday, September 19, 2011

Osmin the Anti- Role Model

He's a beer drinkin', cigar smokin,' totally psycho fitness dictator and his name is Osmin Hernandez. He is also the star trainer of a new TV fitness show, Operation Osmin. I am hooked.

The story is that the guy was discharged from the Cuban armed forces because he was declared insane, so then he got on a raft and hauled ass to Miami, where he eventually became a celebrity trainer.

He is just sadistic towards his TV "clients." Each espisode starts with Osmin interrogating the client about his or her objectives and bad habits. Ironically, he is puffing on a cigar while ranting about bad habits. But hey, no one is free from sin.

For the rest of the episode, he forces the client to only drink water and eat salad and fish for the whole 30 days the episode spans. In some episodes, Osmin has even taken wine and beer from the homes of  clients, not to throw them out, but to drink them himself.

In the episodes, Osmin does offer some interesting suggestions for working out in the city, but some might get you arrested. There is no problem with doing lunges down the street or using scaffolding as a pull-up bar, but you're just asking for trouble if you start climbing on a sculpture in the middle of the city or if you do push-ups on top of a moving car.

The best part is that the guy is so badass I even found his mugshot on the internet. According to that site, he was arrested in May for battery and possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis. Had this happened during one of his infamous training sessions, it would've made one hell of an episode! We have already seen him abuse his clients, and now we know what's really in his cigar.


  1. Gonna see this show next january. Thanks for the summary my friend!

    Carlos Gil, México.
    Dec. 27th, 2012.

  2. Thanks for reading, Carlos! Feliz año nuevo.

    1. I have missed watching Osmin he does most definitly motivate me and keeps me wanting to see what he will do next.

  3. Se que hablas español, y necesito de tu ayuda, tengo 20 años y sufro de sobrepeso, quiero recuperar el fisico que tenia antes, vivo en Chile, sudamerica, pero hago lo que sea con tal de lograr tu entrenamiento.

  4. How could anyone be inspired by that? Are you kidding me? Smoking, drinking...that's gonna catch up with him fast.

  5. I agree, I would not follow most of his recommendations and I think the guy is nuts (or at least acts like it), but he sure makes me laugh out loud.

  6. hi everybody, i saw the show and is awsome, i saw how the people has psyco weakness

  7. El programa esta buenisimo! Si fuma o bebe es su problema; lo importante es que la gente que acurre a el logra tener una vida mas activa y los cambios son notables para bien!

  8. I'm also hooked with this crazy Tv show. Snorkel while trainning? That's pretty crazy!

  9. Gusto en saludarles, quisiera saber donde puedo ver el entrenamiento que realiza el señor Osmin Hernandez. Alguien que me pueda decir. Gracias!. Ah! disculpen vivo en Venezuela y antes lo veía por el canal Infinito pero ya no lo puedo ver mas :´( Help me please!